The attainment of our goal of "Evangelizing with New Missionary Burning" is developed in our Community through kerygmatic camps, praises and training courses.

The camps and training courses are developed and taught at the Evangelization Restoration Site, which is part of the complex of the. Contini Training Center, located at km 435 of the Raposo Tavares Highway, Água do Matão in the city of Assis - SP.

The nights of Praise take place in the Chapel of Saint Anthony, next to the old Diocesan college of Assis.



The camps developed at the Evangelization Restoration Site are a new method of meeting kerygmatic, very dynamic and participative, where campers have a transformative experience through the dynamics, challenges, recreation and reflection of the word.

This methodology leads each camper to a spiritual renewal and a new vision before the challenges of life, bringing to the confrontation, change of attitudes and mentality.

The camps provide a new form of evangelism that is totally different from traditional methods that were done in lecture halls.

Surely, we can say that this innovation in the form of evangelization and renewal of every human being was "a breath of the Holy Spirit"...

In 2019:

  • FAC F
  • Members Retreat
  • Youth camp
  • Camp 2
  • Senior Camp
  • Youth Retreat
  • Camp FAC
  • Members Retreat
  • Children's camp
  • Couples retreat
  • Senior Camp
  • Youth Retreat



The Comunidade Restauração has a School of Formation and Evangelization that provides several courses, leading kerygmatic formations and catechetics to the participants.

In 2019:

  • Introduction to Sacred Scripture
  • Formation of evangelizers
  • Take-off on the wings of praise - Formation of ministers of praise
  • Taking off Kids
  • Experiential Training "Bartimaeus"
  • Experiential Training "Gideon"



Praise nights take place in the Chapel of Saint Anthony, according to the age group or mission:

  • Children's Praise - every Wednesday at 8 pm;
  • Senior Praise - every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.;
  • Praise FAC ("KUASE") - every Thursday at 8 pm;
  • Youth Praise - every Sunday at 8:00 p.m.