House of Safe Haven



The Restoration House of Safe Haven is a Therapeutic Community, with reception and treatment in a boarding regime and in a residential model.

The House of Safe Haven of the Restoration Association project welcomes male chemical dependents, over 18 (eighteen) years of age, in a situation of vulnerability and social risk related to the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

The physical structure is composed of two complete lodgings, an activity hall, industrial kitchen, administrative area, sand court, soccer field, exercise room and vegetable garden to support labor therapy activities.

The Comunidade Restauração, in the legal entity of the Restoration Association, maintains this project inserted in the Training and Evangelization Center of the site of eight bushels, located at km 435 of Raposo Tavares Highway, Água do Matão in the rural area of the city of Assis - SP.

The resources for maintenance of the project come from the entity itself and donations from society. These resources complement the holding of social events, auctions, voluntary contributions from the host family and businessmen who support the cause.